Company NameWebsitePlan Name PriceHDDLocationAppsPlexDashboardSpeedPayment MethodsVPNBw/monthPer Gb CostBw cost/ Gb
Aireservers, NetherlandsNONONO0.1PaypalNOUnlimited 0.03333333333N/A
Aireservers, NetherlandsNONONO1PaypalNOUnlimited 0.04888888889N/A
Aireservers, NetherlandsNONONO1PaypalNOUnlimited 0.04769230769N/A
Aireservers, NetherlandsNONONO1PaypalNOUnlimited 0.034N/A
Aireservers, NetherlandsNONONO1PaypalNOUnlimited 0.02222222222N/A

AireServers seedbox reviews

From the very first view of the website, we can say that it is not a user-friendly site. They have rtorrent and Deluge as their web UI.  For this seedbox review, we will be discussing their shared plans.


There are 5 shared seedbox plans for the clients to choose from. AS-325 is the cheapest plan and has a subscription rate of 10$ per month. It provides a storage capacity of 300 GB. The expensive plan, AS- 1800 has a subscription rate of 40$ per month and has a storage capacity of 1800 GB.


The cheapest plan, AS-325 is the only plan which provides a speed of 100 Mbps. All the other plans have a speed of 1Gbps.


All the plans have unlimited bandwidth.

Server location

This company has their servers located in France and in the Netherlands.

Dashboard and apps

Since there are no apps provided by the company, you will not even find a dashboard.

VPN and Plex

Plex and VPN are also not provided, which adds to the downside of these seedboxes.

Payment Methods

They accept payments through PayPal only.


The site says that they provide fast and professional responses to any of the issues. Unfortunately, with us, it has not been the same. Hopefully, the other clients don’t face any problems while contacting them for any support.