Company NameWebsitePlan Name PriceHDDLocationAppsPlexDashboardSpeedPayment MethodsVPNBw/monthPer Gb CostBw cost/ Gb
Dentoo Seedbox XS825FranceNONONO0.1Card, BitcoinYESUnlimited 0.32N/A
Dentoo Seedbox S16150FranceNONONO0.1Card, BitcoinYESUnlimited 0.1066666667N/A
Dentoo Seedbox M21300FranceNONONO0.1Card, BitcoinYESUnlimited 0.07N/A
Dentoo Seedbox XL29500FranceNONONO0.1Card, BitcoinYESUnlimited 0.058N/A

Dentoo Seedbox reviews

This seedbox company has been on the market for quite some time and provides both shared and dedicated seedboxes. The website looks good and holds many information and instructions for their clients, which is a big plus.

For this seedbox review, we will be considering their shared seedboxes.


This seedbox company has 4 plans to choose from for the clients- Seedbox XS, Seedbox S, Seedbox M, and Seedbox XL.

Seedbox XS is the cheapest plan and charges a subscription rate of only 8$ per month. It has a storage capacity of 25 GB HDD. Whereas, the expensive plan, Seedbox XL comes with a subscription rate of  29$ per month and provides a storage capacity of 500 GB.


All the shared plans provide a speed of 100 Mbps.


Their unlimited bandwidth provides you the freedom to upload without any limitation.

Dashboard and apps

A dashboard is available but then these plans do not provide apps.

VPN and Plex

Yow will be provided with a VPN, once you subscribe to these plans. However, these plans do not support Plex.

Server location

These seedboxes have their network servers located in France.

Payment Methods

Their seedbox company accepts payment through Cards and Bitcoin.


You need to be patient with them. They are not the ones who are going to give a quick response to your questions. In short, the support is not that good.