Company NameWebsitePlan NamePriceHDDLocationAppsPlexDashboardSpeedPayment MethodsVPNBw/monthPer Gb CostBw cost/ Gb
Company NameWebsitePlan NamePriceHDDLocationAppsPlexDashboardSpeedPayment MethodsVPNBw/monthPer Gb CostBw cost/ Gb

Feral Hosting seedbox reviews

Feral Hosting is one of the known names in the market when it comes to seedboxes. On our request, they have provided us with a slot of 150 SSD GB storage. The following seedbox review will give you a clear idea whether you would like to purchase a seedbox from Feral Hosting.



This company offers seedboxes of two kinds. They have differentiated those two kinds on the basis of capacity and capability.

Capacity based slots put emphasis on the storage capacity while capability based slots are intended for the people who prefer speed.

Capacity based slots have 6 different plans- Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, and Xenon. Helium, the cheapest plan provides you a storage capacity of 1 TB and has a subscription rate of 13$ per month. Radon is the costliest plan which comes at a subscription rate of 77$ per month and provides you a storage capacity of 8000 GB.

In the case of Capability based slots, there are five different plans. The cheapest plan of this kind of seedboxes provides a storage of 150 SSD GB and comes at a subscription rate of 19$ per month. The use of SSD in place of HDD is the reason for the high-speed performance of these seedboxes. The expensive plan is the Radon plan which charges 153$ per month and has a storage capacity of 1200 SSD GB.



Their website says that they provide a speed of 20 Gbit/s in both the categories. But when I tried out the seedbox provided to me for this seedbox review, I was really shocked to see the download speed. It was just 32 MiB/s. At best, it gave me a speed of 42 MiB/s. I even went on to download small files but that did not make any difference.


You won’t be disappointed with the bandwidth this seedbox company provides. They provide their¬†client with unlimited bandwidth.

Server Location

The server location of this seedboxes is in the Netherlands.

Dashboard and apps

Feral Hosting provides apps but a dashboard is not made available for the clients.

VPN and Plex

VPN is provided to you in both the categories. Moreover, these seedboxes support Plex which helps the clients easy access to their media from anywhere on the go.

Payment Method

PayPal, Card, and Bitcoins are the ways through which they accept payment.


They really have a great support. Every time I mailed them, I got a quick response with the required solution to my problems.