Company NameWebsitePlan Name PriceHDDLocationAppsPlexDashboardSpeedPayment MethodsVPNBw/monthPer Gb CostBw cost/ Gb
Mega fasthttps://meggafast.com25Gb Seedbox125NetherlandsNONOYES1Paypal , BitcoinYESUnlimited 0.04N/A
Mega fasthttps://meggafast.com50Gb Seedbox250NetherlandsNONOYES1Paypal , BitcoinYESUnlimited 0.04N/A
Mega fasthttps://meggafast.com75Gb Seedbox 275NetherlandsNONOYES1Paypal , BitcoinYESUnlimited 0.03N/A
Mega fasthttps://meggafast.com100Gb Seedbox4100NetherlandsNONOYES1Paypal , BitcoinYESUnlimited 0.04N/A
Mega fasthttps://meggafast.com200Gb Seedbox5200NetherlandsNONOYES1Paypal , BitcoinYESUnlimited 0.02N/A
Mega fasthttps://meggafast.com300Gb Seedbox6300NetherlandsNONOYES1Paypal , BitcoinYESUnlimited 0.02N/A
Mega fasthttps://meggafast.com400gb Seedbox8400NetherlandsNONOYES1Paypal , BitcoinYESUnlimited 0.02N/A
Mega fasthttps://meggafast.com500Gb Seedbox9500NetherlandsNONOYES1Paypal , BitcoinYESUnlimited 0.02N/A
Mega fasthttps://meggafast.com600Gb Seedbox10600NetherlandsNONOYES1Paypal , BitcoinYESUnlimited 0.02N/A
Mega fasthttps://meggafast.com700gb Seedbox12700NetherlandsNONOYES1Paypal , BitcoinYESUnlimited 0.02N/A
Mega fasthttps://meggafast.com800Gb Seedbox13800NetherlandsNONOYES1Paypal , BitcoinYESUnlimited 0.02N/A
Mega fasthttps://meggafast.com900Gb Seedbox14900NetherlandsNONOYES1Paypal , BitcoinYESUnlimited 0.02N/A
Mega fasthttps://meggafast.com1.8 TB Megga Pro Seedbox2818000NetherlandsNONOYES1Paypal , BitcoinYESUnlimited 0.002N/A

Meggafast Seedbox Review

Meggafast seedbox company is one of the newest seedbox company that provides affordable services.
In this seedbox review, you will get to know the various plans, the speed, bandwidth and many other aspects of Meggafast seedboxes.

For any seedbox reviews to be proper and accurate, one should first use it. We asked them for a demo seedbox and Meggafast seedbox immediately responded to our request. They provided us with a slot for the purpose which tells a lot about the excellent support this company provides.


This seedbox company has 13 shared seedbox plan.

25 GB Seedbox plan is the cheapest of all plans and charges a subscription rate of only 1$ per month. As the name suggests, it has a storage capacity of 25 GB.  The expensive among all the 13 plans is the 1.8 TB Megga Pro Seedbox. It has a subscription rate of 28$ per month and provides a storage capacity of 18000 GB.


All the plans provide a speed of 1 Gbps. For that purpose, we downloaded a file of 10.37 GB which took only 4 minutes.  A file of 2 GB was also downloaded which took only 4-5 seconds. The seedboxes run in rtorrent with rutorrent as its GUI. Although the download speed is impressive, (keeping in mind the price of the plans) we found the upload speed to be a little bit on the lower side, which is considerable.


Bandwidth You will face no limitations on the upload traffic as all the seedbox of this company offers unlimited bandwidth.

Server location

The servers of this seedboxes are located in the Netherlands.

Dashboard and apps


Although a dashboard is provided, you will not find any apps in any of the shared seedboxes of this company.

VPN and Plex

You need not worry about security issues while using any of these seedboxes as you will be provided with a VPN. However, these plans do not support Plex.

Payment Methods

They accept payments through Bitcoin and PayPal


As I mentioned above, the support team is available 24*7 for your help and will offer services as per your needs.