Company NameWebsitePlan Name PriceHDDLocationAppsPlexDashboardSpeedPayment MethodsVPNBw/monthPer Gb CostBw cost/ Gb
Seedbox frwww.seedbox.frBasic Suite 7500NetherlandsYESNOYES40Paypal,CardYESUnlimited 0.014N/A
Seedbox frwww.seedbox.frStorage Suite
Seedbox frwww.seedbox.frSDBX 1T151000Netherlands,Poland,France,LithuaniaYESNOYES40Paypal,CardYESUnlimited 0.015N/A
Seedbox frwww.seedbox.frSDBX 3T283000Netherlands,Poland,France,LithuaniaYESNOYES40Paypal,CardYESUnlimited 0.009333333333N/A
Seedbox frwww.seedbox.frSDBX 4.5T344500Netherlands,Poland,France,LithuaniaYESNOYES40Paypal,CardYESUnlimited 0.007555555556N/A
Seedbox frwww.seedbox.frPremium Suite SSD
Seedbox frwww.seedbox.frPremium 1T171000Netherlands,Poland,France,LithuaniaYESYESYES40Paypal,CardYESUnlimited 0.017N/A
Seedbox frwww.seedbox.frPremium 2T282000Netherlands,Poland,France,LithuaniaYESYESYES40Paypal,CardYESUnlimited 0.014N/A
Seedbox frwww.seedbox.frPremium 3T403000Netherlands,Poland,France,LithuaniaYESYESYES40Paypal,CardYESUnlimited 0.01333333333N/A seedbox reviews

This seedbox provider based in France has a wide range of shared plans prepared for the clients. In order to give a clear picture to all the clients about its plans and which one will be suitable for them, we have decided to review this seedbox company. This seedbox review takes on account all the criteria required to decide whether you should get associated with them or not.


Basic Suite, Storage Suite and Premium Suite SSD are the three categories provided by this company. Storage Suite and Premium Suite SSD have three more plans included in each of them.

The Basic Suite charges a subscription rate of 7$ per month and provides a storage capacity of 500 GB HDD.

Storage seedboxes have 3 plans which put emphasis on the storage capacity. SDBX 1T offers a storage capacity of 1000 GB and charges you a subscription rate of 15$ per month which is the cheapest among the three plans. Whereas, the expensive plan under this category is the SDBX 2T, which charges a subscription rate of 34$ per month and provides a storage capacity of 4500 GB HDD.

The third category, Premium Suite SSD seedboxes too have 3 plans included under it. Moreover, the use of SSD in place of HDD boosts the speed of the network. Premium 1T is the cheapest plan in this category which comes at a subscription rate of 17$ per month and has a storage capacity of 1000 GB. On the other hand, Premium 3T charges a subscription rate of 40$ per month and is the expensive plan in this category. It provides a storage capacity of 3000 GB.


All the plans provided by this company has a speed of 40 Gbps which is extraordinary considering the prices.


You are going to get unlimited bandwidth if you subscribe to any of the plans provided by this seedbox company.

Server location

The servers are located in 4 different countries- France, Netherlands, Lithuania and Poland.

Dashboard and apps

Although the plans are cheap compared to some other big seedbox companies, this seedbox plans feature apps and also a dashboard for the convenience of the clients.

VPN and Plex

VPN is provided in all the categories of seedboxes. In fact, the Storage suite plans and Premium suite plans have two VPNs- OpenVPN and PPTP VPN.
Plex is not available for the Basic Plan and Storage Suite. However, the clients subscribed to their Premium suite plans have access to Plex Media Server.

Payment Methods accepts payment through cards and PayPal.