Company NameWebsitePlan NamePriceHDDLocationAppsPlexDashboardSpeedPayment MethodsVPNBw/monthPer Gb CostBw cost/ Gb
seedboxbay,NONONO1Paypal,Bitcoin,PayzaNoUnlimited0.03333333333 N/A
seedboxbay, NONONO1Paypal,Bitcoin,PayzaNoUnlimited0.02666666667 N/A
seedboxbay Master15600France, NONONO1Paypal,Bitcoin,PayzaNoUnlimited0.025 N/A

SeedBoxBay Seedbox reviews

SeedBoxBay is known for their cheap seedbox plans. They are believed to provide one of the most cost-effective seedboxes in the market. For this seedbox review, we got their Baby plan on request. In this seedbox review, you will get to know about the speed the Baby plan provides along with other details. The other plans will also be discussed in this review.


Baby, Seeder and Torrent Master are the 3 plans which are provided by SeedBoxBay. The subscription rate for Baby, which is the cheapest among the three, is just about 5$ per month and provides you with 150 GB Hard Disk Drive storage. Seeder charges a subscription rate of 8$ per month and provides a storage capacity of 300 GB. Torrent Master, the expensive one comes at a cost of 15$ per month and facilitates you with a storage capacity of 600 GB.


All the plans as mentioned on the website provide you with a speed of 1 Gbps. We conducted a speed test, downloading torrent files with their Baby plan.

The highest speed it attained was 89.2 Mib/s which is 0.75 Gbps. The download speed kept fluctuating all the time between 50 Mbit/s and 80 Mbit/s.


This seedbox company provides their clients with unlimited bandwidth. You will not face any limitations on the monthly upload traffic usage.

Server location

This company’s servers are hosted in France.

Dashboard and apps

You will not be offered any apps and there will not be any dashboard as well.

VPN and Plex

The clients subscribed to any of the plans of this seedbox company won’t enjoy the services of VPN and Plex.

Payment Methods

SeedBoxBay accepts payments through Bitcoin, PayPal, and Payza.


Support seems to be good. That is what we experienced with them. We got a quick and good response most of the time.
If that is how they maintain relations with others too, then we hope, you will not face any problems using their seedboxes.