Company NameWebsitePlan NamePriceHDDLocationAppsPlexDashboardSpeedPayment MethodsVPNBw/monthPer Gb CostBw cost/ Gb
Seedboxes Box171000Netherlands21YESYES20Paypal, Card , BitcoinYES 10 Location20.0170.0085
Seedboxes Box231500Netherlands21YESYES20Paypal, Card , BitcoinYES 10 Location50.015333333330.0046
Seedboxes Box342000Netherlands21YESYES20Paypal, Card , BitcoinYES 10 Location100.0170.0034
Seedboxes Box463000Netherlands21YESYES20Paypal, Card , BitcoinYES 10 Location150.015333333330.003066666667
Seedboxes Dragon Box916000Netherlands21YESYES20Paypal, Card , BitcoinYES 10 Location300.015166666670.003033333333 Seedbox reviews is another seedbox company which promises to give reliable and affordable seedboxes. For this seedbox review, we will provide all the necessary details collected from their website and other sources for you to decide whether you would like to purchase one of their seedboxes or not.

Their site interface is simple and looks good. You won’t have any hard time looking for any information or options when you open their website.


This seedbox company has 5 plans. Bat box is the cheapest plan which comes at a subscription rate of 17$ per month whereas the expensive plan among them(Red dragon box) comes with a subscription rate of 91$.

They provide us the privilege of having a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) storage starting from 1000 to 6000 GB, according to your plan. They also allow you to go above your disk space limit by 70 GB (if required) for a small period of time.


Regarding the speed, you won’t be disappointed as they offer a network speed of 20 Gbps for every plan.


All the plans have different limits on the monthly traffic. The cheaper the plan, lesser is the limit. For the expensive plan of this seedbox company, the bandwidth is 30 TB

Server location

The network servers are located in the Netherlands.

Dashboard and apps

They provide apps for you to download at a single click. Moreover, a dashboard is available for the clients to work on it. In fact, it has got one of the best dashboards with many features.

VPN and Plex

VPN is provided in every plan. They boast of an awesome VPN as it allows you to connect from 10 different locations. In addition, all the plans support Plex.

Payment Methods

This seedbox company accepts payment through PayPal, Cards, and Bitcoin.


They have a good customer support. They are responsive and try to give a detailed answer to any of the questions you have regarding their seedboxes.