Company NameWebsitePlan NamePriceHDDLocationAppsPlexDashboardSpeedPayment MethodsVPNBw/monthPer Gb CostBw cost/ Gb
Seed stormhttps://seedstorm.comStorm 115500United States,NetherlandsYESYESYES1Paypal,Bitcoin, CardsYES30.030.005
Seed stormhttps://seedstorm.comStorm 225750United States,NetherlandsYESYESYES1Paypal,Bitcoin, CardsYES50.033333333330.005
Seed stormhttps://seedstorm.comStorm 3351000United States,NetherlandsYESYESYES1Paypal,Bitcoin, CardsYES7.50.0350.004666666667
Seed stormhttps://seedstorm.comStorm 4451500United States,NetherlandsYESYESYES1Paypal,Bitcoin, CardsYES100.030.0045

Seedstorm seedbox reviews

This is another seedbox company which offers both shared as well as dedicated seedboxes. This seedbox company is a division of Obtrix and has been on the market, providing seedboxes since 2008. For this seedbox review, we will be focusing on their Storm 1 plan which is a shared seedbox. Along with this, we will give you the information and details of the other shared plans.


The shared seedbox of Seedstorm has 4 plans. Storm 1 is the cheapest plan and has a subscription rate of 15$ per month. This plan offers their clients a Hard Disk Drive(HDD) of 500 GB. The expensive plan, Storm 4 has a storage capacity of 1500 GB and charges a subscription rate of 45$ per month.


All the plans provide a speed of 1 Gbps. Their website says that all seedboxes are on gigabit connections with special algorithms in place to ensure all users receive a similar experience during peak usage. We downloaded a few torrents in order to test the speed of their Storm 1 plan.

Initially, for three torrent files, the speed we experienced was really impressive. There was no any sign of fluctuation and maintained a speed of about 109 Mbit/s which is close to 1 Gbps.

But, later on, with our downloads, we got to see fluctuation in their speed. We downloaded a slightly bigger file of about 60 GB and got to experience inconsistency in the speed. The speed, though gradually increased towards the end and reached about 105 Mbit/s.


All the plans impose limitations on the monthly upload. Cheaper the plans, lesser is their bandwidth. The plan we reviewed has a bandwidth of 3 TB. The expensive plan(shared) of this seedbox company has a bandwidth of 10 TB.

Server location

You have the option of choosing your server from any of these two places- the US or the Netherlands.

Dashboard and apps

Apps are provided to you along with a dashboard.

VPN and Plex

All the plans come with a VPN for better security of their clients. You can also set up your Plex Media from their seedbox manager page. You just need to open a ticket and they will install Plex for you.

Payment Methods

They accept payments through PayPal, Credit Cards and Bitcoin.


We need to admit that their support is good. When we opened a ticket, requested them to offer us a demo seedbox in order to review their seedboxes, they responded immediately promising to get back to us. In a couple of days, they provided us a seedbox. And after that, any issues regarding their seedboxes, we got instant and to the point answers. So, in short, we conclude that their support is good which tells a lot about the service they provide.