Company NameWebsitePlan NamePriceHDDLocationAppsPlexDashboardSpeedPayment MethodsVPNBw/monthPer Gb CostBw cost/ Gb
Whatbox States,Netherlands,SingaporeYESYESNO0.15Card,Bitcoin,PaypalYES20.041666666670.0075
Whatbox Plan 1221800United States,NetherlandsYESYESNO1Card,Bitcoin,PaypalYES4.50.012222222220.004888888889
Whatbox Plan 2443600United States,NetherlandsYESYESNO1Card,Bitcoin,PaypalYES90.012222222220.004888888889
Whatbox Plan 3665400United States,NetherlandsYESYESNO1Card,Bitcoin,PaypalYES13.50.012222222220.004888888889
Whatbox Plan 4887200United States,NetherlandsYESYESNO1Card,Bitcoin,PaypalYES180.012222222220.004888888889
Whatbox Plan 128450United StatesYESYESNO2Card,Bitcoin,PaypalYES90.062222222220.003111111111
Whatbox Plan 256900United StatesYESYESNO2Card,Bitcoin,PaypalYES180.062222222220.003111111111
Whatbox Plan 3841350United StatesYESYESNO2Card,Bitcoin,PaypalYES270.062222222220.003111111111
Whatbox Plan 41121800United StatesYESYESNO2Card,Bitcoin,PaypalYES360.062222222220.003111111111

Legacy, HDD Plans and SSD plans are the three plans provided by this company.

Legacy plans comes with the lowest subscription rate which is 15$ per month and offers a storage capacity of 360 GB. Location of the server for this plan is located in United States, Netherlands and Singapore. Sustainable speed of this plan is 150 Mbps with 2 TB of monthly traffic usage (bandwidth). Apps are provided, including VPN and Plex.

HDD plan has 4 sub-plans under it. The cheapest plan has a storage capacity of 1800 GB and comes at a subscription rate of 22$ per month. The speed offered to the clients under this plan is 1 Gbps and a monthly traffic of 2 TB is allowed. The expensive plan under this has a subscription rate of 88$ per month and provides a storage capacity of 7200 GB. Usage of traffic on a monthly basis is restricted to 18 TB for the costliest plan. The server location of all the HDD plans are located in United States and in Netherlands. Dashboard is not available for any of the HDD plans but there is provision for apps slot and clients have the privilege to use VPN as well as Plex.

SSD plan also has 4 sub- plans under it. All these plans provide a speed of 2 Gbps and has a storage capacity ranging from 450 GB to 1800 GB. The cheapest plan has a subscription rate of 28$ per month and offers their clients a storage capacity of 450 GB, while the expensive plan comes with a price of 112$ per month and has a storage capacity of 1800 GB. The monthly allowance of upload traffic (bandwidth) is 9 TB for the cheapest SSD plan, while the expensive SSD plan offers upload traffic of 36 TB per month.

The server location of all the SSD plans are only in United States. The payment options available are Cards, Bitcoin and PayPal.